So You’ve Heard That Masonry Is Too Expensive? It Just Ain’t So.

A new, independent study comparing the construction costs of brick buildings to five common exteriors shows that brick with concrete masonry units (CMU) costs less than precast concrete, metal panel curtain wall and glass panel curtain wall systems. Conducted by RSMeans for the Brick Industry Association (BIA), the independent study compares total construction costs in five categories: three-story office building, three-story apartment building, five- to 10-story office building, four- to eight-story hospital, and a six-story dorm. Comparisons include exterior installation and finish systems (EIFS) with metal studs (lowest cost), brick with steel studs, manufactured stone with steel studs, brick with CMU, precast concrete, metal panel curtain wall, and glass panel curtain wall. For more information click here RS Means Full Study