Who We Are And What We Do

Our mission is to increase the use of masonry products and applications through innovation and education.

Our goal is to communicate the attributes of masonry in safety, sustainability, life cycle savings, environmental soundness, regional product manufacturing, skilled installation, technical resources, and the variety of modern and traditional aesthetic opportunities coupled with century proven durability.

We welcome you to join us in our quest to increase the masonry’s market share.

How We Do What We Do

We seek to increase the use of masonry by partnering with industry groups like INSEA,  AIA and CSI; we seek to influence future decision makers through our education events at Ball State, IUPUI and Notre Dame, we provide top notch masonry education to architects, engineers, specifiers and contractors through full day education events; we educate project owners on the benefits of using masonry through our work with school superintendents and board members, the statewide parent-teachers association and our participation in the Indiana Kentucky Structural Masonry Coalition. 

Why Masonry?

Cinder BlocksMasonry provides some of the most durable and diverse options available today. From classic finishes to amazingly unique and creative alternatives, masonry provides a wide range of options that will last for generations.

See What We Do

BricksThe Midwest is home to some of the most impressive masonry projects in the world. Take a look at what is possible in our constantly growing photo gallery.

New projects are always in the works all across the midwest. The Midwest Masonry Council seeks to showcase masonry projects.